About Us


Intelligent Communications® begins with the people we hire.

Telecom, Inc.’s hiring process helps to ensure that each new employee is the best possible fit for each position.

All employees must demonstrate a polite, professional attitude, natural communication skills, and display a good natured, enthusiastic demeanor.

Our San Francisco Bay Area location allows us to draw our employee base from a highly diverse and experienced market. We are a multilingual center, where customer service representatives and their managers are fluent in a wide variety of languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Tagalog.

Our new employee selection process begins with pre-interview screening that identifies qualified applicants through resume review and telephone interviews. Work history, reference checks, and professional references are scrutinized during this phase.

Qualified candidates who pass the pre-interview screening participate in a formal personnel interview. Applicants are then interviewed by our Project Management team who assess the candidates’ job proficiency and behavior.

Candidates who successfully complete this phase are offered a spot on our team.

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