About Us

About Us

Telecom, Inc. is Intelligent Communications®.

Telecom, Inc. is a premier provider of outsourced contact center solutions. Our combination of customized services, the latest technology, and operational expertise lets you spend more time focusing on your core business and less time worrying about your customer care needs – all at a reduced cost.

Since 1993, Telecom, Inc. has taken great pride in providing the vital link between you and your customers. We offer a comprehensive suite of sales, service and marketing solutions designed to help you optimize each customer interaction and build profitable and loyal relationships.

We are proud to serve some of the nation’s most recognizable brands. Our consistent, results-oriented standards have earned the confidence of and repeat business from satisfied clients.

Our People Make the Difference

Our focus on developing a more personal contact center means that we need to provide you with a dependable, highly-motivated workforce that delivers top-notch service. Because we are located in a major metropolitan area, our employees are drawn from a diverse, extremely skilled labor market.

We are a multilingual center, where representatives and their managers are fluent in a wide range of languages and are accustomed to dealing with people of different cultures.

Telecom, Inc. strives to provide you with quality contact center services at reasonable prices. Our extensive list of service options, experienced and dependable management team, diverse staff, and use of the latest technology make us the smart choice for your customer interaction needs.

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